Dec 24

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Rihanna Calls The Police On Unwanted Visitor

The police were called today to a Barbados property where Rihanna was staying for the Christmas holiday.  An unwanted visitor was seen wandering onto her private, beach front residence.  When the police arrived, the man was gone.

If the police had arrived in time, what would this unwanted visitor be charged with under the law?

  1. Trespassing?  NO.  Although the tabloids labeled this stranger as a trespasser, and it seems to make sense as he crossed into private property, he would not be prosecuted for this offense.  Trespassing is rarely prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Office unless the attempts are repeated.  This is because the prosecution must show the trespasser intended to damage, interfere with, or obstruct the business or he occupied the private property continuously until removed.  See Penal Code sections 602(k); 602(m).
  2.  Stalking?  NO.  The District Attorney will only charge stalking if there is proof of repeated unwanted visits.  Under California law, stalking requires that the prosecutor prove harassment or repeated following.
  3. Loitering?  YES, if the stranger was found spying on Rihanna with binoculars or camera while she was in the bathroom, bedroom or other private place then he could be charged with this misdemeanor- punishable by maximum 6 months in jail or $1,000 fine.

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  1. Asit Panwala

    Oh wow, I didn’t even think of that. This is an analytical and strongly reasoned analysis of the situation. I thought he was a stalker.

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